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Program Design Lab™

Where ideas meet action.

The Program Design Lab is a one-of-a-kind solution that helps teams generate creative ideas for education and training programs, build a shared vision for the future, and develop clear strategies for action.

Creative Drawing

Create World-class Programs

Rapidly create world-class programs and get people aligned to a shared vision for the future.


Support Collaboration

Supercharge collaboration and maximize the collective talent of your team.


Communicate with Clarity

Communicate a clear and actionable program strategy that generates excitement and earns support from stakeholders.

The Program Design Lab is a perfect solution to…

  • Generate new ideas and strategies for programs and services

  • Develop strategies to grow program engagement and revenue

  • Get everyone on the same page about future program strategies and plans

  • Develop creative ways to transform how you engage program stakeholders

  • Efficiently create and test solutions to complex program challenges

  • Develop strategies for achieving program growth and sustainability

  • Leverage data to inform continuous improvement efforts
  • Develop new online and blended learning programs

  • Re-imagine existing programs and support services

  • Launch customer support and education strategies

  • Align time, resources, and talent to intended program results

  • Explore ways to develop and scale programs, services, and experiences

  • Design a focused vision, mission, and program strategy for success

  • Design compelling and competitive program value propositions

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How does it work?

Each Program Design Lab follows a proven, three-step process.

Step 1
ClearKinetic facilitates collaborative workshop sessions with your team to develop a clear program strategy and address your program's unique goals.
Step 2
ClearKinetic develops a custom portfolio that organizes the program strategy and plans in an easy-to-use tool that enhances clarity and collaboration.
Step 3
ClearKinetic collaborates with your team to activate, implement, and continuously improve the program strategy.

Ready to get started?

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About ClearKinetic

ClearKinetic is a boutique consultancy specializing in creating one-of-a-kind education and training solutions that help people and organizations thrive. 


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